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Why English?

Today, almost everywhere in the world, it is the most useful language to know. It is the international language most used in the world. From students to businessmen, young began to emerge as a concrete need for the elderly. One fifth of the world's population has adequate English. This language feature that makes it so important that, unlike other language is not limited to a geographical area. English is the language spread to every corner of the world. This language only as native America, England, Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Scotland, although spoken in the 53 members of the British Commonwealth, is used as an official language in common or a total of 73 countries.

  • This language also trade, science, aviation, maritime, diplomacy, international communication, language is the cinema industry and the Internet. English is the only language used in these areas, or in any of (aviation and maritime) is the dominant language, or 90 percent. First time in the history of humanity has known him so many users find a language and a common area:
  • Two thirds of the world who read English-talking career on the author. When a scientist go to another country for scientific activities there speak English. To accept the post and English writers of the whole world to be able to follow developments in the field. We go where we go because international sense is the common language that everyone spoke English. Today, it is only able to export to foreign businessmen who speaks English. Only English-speaking engineers can take advantage of new technological developments. Sources from the internet a scholar who can benefit from their English masters or doctorate. Doctor, people who practice their profession as judges and prosecutors are benefiting from English to move ahead in their profession.
  • 75% of the letters are written in English in the world.
  • 80% of electronically stored information is in English.
  • 40 million Internet users need most in English. ! The thing that makes the Internet important for us is the possibility of easy access to information. Today, when placed on top of the world every year in the number will reach 6000 km above the amount to fill our mind and produced the CD and information from all fields to come. This is 80 percent of the information is in English. The key language is English on the Internet to access this information. Therefore, any person not skilled in the language of the world will be deprived of information in the first place. Even someone who's good grace to remain deprived of information that is in need of turning one's mother tongue.
  • All artistic or cultural works accepted in the world is done in English. The reason for this is done in the English language superpower countries where most of these studies. For example; Almost all of the songs became popular in the world is English. Movies are in English. Most modern pop culture, music or cinema will use English as a communication tool.
  • English is the common language, not only because of the modern business world, but also because of the flexibility has been given a unique language enrichment. Which can be turned into new foreign words without losing the sense is one of several languages. Culture, commerce and communications in English 's has become very important.
  • Bring the vision to know a foreign language, strengthen the profile allows to operate more effectively in the international arena, to open up to the world, the EU process progressing rapidly especially need to emphasize the importance of English. In schools around the world to himself or second language of most people who learn, he prefers English. English, with French, the official language of the European Union. No matter what profession a person who speaks English can follow more closely all the developments in the world according to the unfamiliar.
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